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Thursday, 12 January 2012

More from the campaign.

As the Eldar drove off the remaining Tau from the battle field they considered the cost of this battle and only hope the lives lost were worth it. Now was no time to worry about it, the battle had brought attention from an imperial convoy in the area and they have change course headed directly for them.

Chris vs Rich

Mission: Prepared Assault.
Deployment: Table halves role off to see who chooses side the Eldar deploy first anywhere on there side, then the guard deploy at least 18inchs from an enemy model.
No reserves on either side.
Guard player roles a d6 on a 2-6 gets first turn on 1 the Eldar go first.
Objectives:(Rich ;p) place a marker in the centre of the Eldar deployment Zone and then another in the centre of the table. After deployment the imperial guard player anywhere on his half of the table.
Victory goes to the army holding the most objectives.
Special rules: There is the stray rounds special rule for this mission I will on the day explain how this works.

            The Tau no when the battle is not going to shift back into there favour and realise retreat is the only option but formulate a plan to strike back at there enemy as they withdraw.

Dave vs Niall

Mission: Fighting withdrawal
Deployment: Divide the table into two halves diagonally, role off to see who picks sides. Tau deploy first any where on there half of the board. The Eldar do not set up on the board. Instead they receive first turn and my enter from any point on the table edge.
Objectives set up a marker in the centre of the board then place another in the corner of the Tau deployment zone. Finally put the third objective in the centre of the first 2 objectives.
The Tau may not have reserves. The Eldar may have units in reserve.
The army with the most objectives win.
Tau have the hit and run special rule for this game.     

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