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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Campaign update

The Eldar launched there assault on the Necrons emerging from the tomb taking out key forces early but they couldn’t contain them and there strike force was stopped in there tracks, they had drastically underestimated the enemy and retreat was the only option. 

After there victory the Necrons set there eyes on the imperial city but what may lay on route my stop them in there tracks.      

The sisters of battle planned there assault on the chaos marines unfortunately they were drawn into a trap and as they entered the smouldering ruins the forces of chaos opened fire. Being the Emperors elite although caught off guard were not fazed by the battle coming early and managed to capture key objectives, but could not push the evil forces back. They decided not to risk further casualties until they know what the chaos forces are after. 

The Chaos forces could not make any ground against the Sisters of battle there captain decided to keep his eye on the reason there on this retched planet. An ancient artefact captured by the Necrons thousands of years before. Aware of the Necron victory over the Eldar and there advance toward the imperial city the Chaos plan to ambush the Necrons wile there on route.

Mission: ambush from the battle missions book.
Dennis vs Mr Clarke
Although this mission is set for the Necrons, Chaos will be the attacking force.      

            Although the Sisters of Battle’s key objective is to discover what the Chaos forces are after they are aware that a considerable Ork force is about to attack the imperial city and the remainder of the imperial guard are still on route and will not get there in time to stop them.

Jack vs Boyd
Mission: meeting engagement from the city fight book from games workshop

Over view: Both sides are trying to capture as much of the imperial city as possible

Set up: divide the board into table quarters. Both players role off and the highest chooses witch table quarter to deploy in the enemy deploys in the opposite corner. The player who scored the lowest then deploys 1 unit after witch the other player deploys 1 unit and so on till all units are deployed. No units are left in reserve. No unit may deploy within 18 inches of an enemy unit. The players must deploy there units in the following order Heavy support, followed by troops, elites, HQ and finally fast attack. Transport vehicles are deployed as the choice of unit inside. Role off again the highest score can choose to go first or second. Infiltrators may make a 6inch move before the game starts the player taking the first turn moves his infiltrators first.

Objectives: The army that controls the most table quarters. To clam a table quarter you must control the most buildings within your quarter. You control a building by entering a building the only way you lose it is if an enemy unit enters the building. You may leave the building empty and you still control it.

Game length: 6 turns.     

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