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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Same pics different background

Thought id try the blue background to see if the shading showed up a little better.

A slight alteration.

I now when you get a colour scheme your supposed to stick to it. But as my painting time is very short iv decided to change from half black half red to full red. real blood angels. Although I love the angles sanguine colour scheme its very time consuming and I have never been 100% happy with the black half. I'm not going to repaint the finished tactical squads and rhino and will still use them in games but from now on it will be pure red I'm afraid :(.

So here's the tactical squad I'm working on at the moment its about 90% complete just got to paint the bolters, the power sword on the Sargent and the eyes on five of the marines. And obviously give the plazma gun some glow.

Unsure what colour to do the power weapon at the moment.

Hope you like, see you in the next one :)