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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Some picture tests with a make shift light box.

Spent some time making a light box to see if it would improve the quality of my pictures. taken some photos of stuff you have already seen for comparison.

the Venom this is nearly finished i have to paint the weapons witch is still at base coat stage. Luckily they are magnetised so I can paint them off the model

I found it hilights a few defects in my painting witch will help me improve, although Im not at the level of painting that I first thought. But this is how we learn.

A WIP of one of my vanguard veterans

And a tank that I intend to add battle damage and weathering. As much as im happy with how the armour turned out iv always thought it needed a little more detail.

My first attempt at OSL im still very happy with this model but he might also get some battle damage treatment just got to fine a way to do it that im happy with.

Sorry that its the same old stuff guys more is on the way I just wanted to test my light box out. Let me know what you think.

See you in the next one

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Stormraven. More WIP photos

Hay guys masked up the stormraven and got the black half painted and I must say, im very happy with the results

hopefully you can make out the pre shade a little better. Im going to heavily battle damage this witch will be a first for me but I wanted to make it look like its come through the atmosphere dodging ani aircraft fire. Well that's the idea any way, we will see.

I done a very light hi light on the black, did not want to go to mad with it though, think it turned out ok.

The red on the wing may be could do with another coat just to blend the pre shade a little more but other wise its staying as it is. im not a fan of big hi lights on armour I like it to look smooth.

A close up. It shows how subtle the blend is if its to dark it does not look right.

My next one I am going to invest in the forgeworld doors as I think it really sets them off. I really like this model I find its Marmite you either love it or hate it. There's no middle ground

That's it for now guys, see you in the next one.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Finally some pictures.

Hay guys i no its been a wile since iv posted pictures so I thought id treat you. I was fortunate to get my hands on a new army over Christmas. I got a Dark Eldar Mega force from the mother in law. But I wanted to try making my own custom bases to make the army stand out a little .

I am very pleased with the results. So bases ready I started on the kabalite warriors. I also wanted to try my hand at magnetising some of the models in the squad witch mean I could field any combination I wanted. And surprisingly was not as difficult as I first thought. 

My Sybarite

I have gone with Hawk Turquoise for the main colour of this army really think it suits them. I must say the new Dark Eldar kits are some of the nicest games workshop produce.

My Venom

I am not sure the picture does it justice this was just a WIP picture, it is now finished. I have heard alot of people online saying the airbrush is cheating but I disagree. it just helps people who would not reach this level with a brush be happy with the minis we paint and for me its put alot of the fun back into painting. I will try to get some better pictures tomorrow

A WIP of the squad

 The whole squad id like to say are ferther along but im afraid i got distracted (by my stormraven witch i had for mounts and suddenly decided I want to paint)

 And here are some WIP pictures of the stormraven gunship. The lighting again I do not think is giving the full effect of the pre shade method I used.


If any body could help with the way I take pictures to improve the detail please let me know, it would be greatly appreciated.
thanks guys, see you in the next one

Thursday, 12 January 2012

More from the campaign.

As the Eldar drove off the remaining Tau from the battle field they considered the cost of this battle and only hope the lives lost were worth it. Now was no time to worry about it, the battle had brought attention from an imperial convoy in the area and they have change course headed directly for them.

Chris vs Rich

Mission: Prepared Assault.
Deployment: Table halves role off to see who chooses side the Eldar deploy first anywhere on there side, then the guard deploy at least 18inchs from an enemy model.
No reserves on either side.
Guard player roles a d6 on a 2-6 gets first turn on 1 the Eldar go first.
Objectives:(Rich ;p) place a marker in the centre of the Eldar deployment Zone and then another in the centre of the table. After deployment the imperial guard player anywhere on his half of the table.
Victory goes to the army holding the most objectives.
Special rules: There is the stray rounds special rule for this mission I will on the day explain how this works.

            The Tau no when the battle is not going to shift back into there favour and realise retreat is the only option but formulate a plan to strike back at there enemy as they withdraw.

Dave vs Niall

Mission: Fighting withdrawal
Deployment: Divide the table into two halves diagonally, role off to see who picks sides. Tau deploy first any where on there half of the board. The Eldar do not set up on the board. Instead they receive first turn and my enter from any point on the table edge.
Objectives set up a marker in the centre of the board then place another in the corner of the Tau deployment zone. Finally put the third objective in the centre of the first 2 objectives.
The Tau may not have reserves. The Eldar may have units in reserve.
The army with the most objectives win.
Tau have the hit and run special rule for this game.     

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Campaign update

The Eldar launched there assault on the Necrons emerging from the tomb taking out key forces early but they couldn’t contain them and there strike force was stopped in there tracks, they had drastically underestimated the enemy and retreat was the only option. 

After there victory the Necrons set there eyes on the imperial city but what may lay on route my stop them in there tracks.      

The sisters of battle planned there assault on the chaos marines unfortunately they were drawn into a trap and as they entered the smouldering ruins the forces of chaos opened fire. Being the Emperors elite although caught off guard were not fazed by the battle coming early and managed to capture key objectives, but could not push the evil forces back. They decided not to risk further casualties until they know what the chaos forces are after. 

The Chaos forces could not make any ground against the Sisters of battle there captain decided to keep his eye on the reason there on this retched planet. An ancient artefact captured by the Necrons thousands of years before. Aware of the Necron victory over the Eldar and there advance toward the imperial city the Chaos plan to ambush the Necrons wile there on route.

Mission: ambush from the battle missions book.
Dennis vs Mr Clarke
Although this mission is set for the Necrons, Chaos will be the attacking force.      

            Although the Sisters of Battle’s key objective is to discover what the Chaos forces are after they are aware that a considerable Ork force is about to attack the imperial city and the remainder of the imperial guard are still on route and will not get there in time to stop them.

Jack vs Boyd
Mission: meeting engagement from the city fight book from games workshop

Over view: Both sides are trying to capture as much of the imperial city as possible

Set up: divide the board into table quarters. Both players role off and the highest chooses witch table quarter to deploy in the enemy deploys in the opposite corner. The player who scored the lowest then deploys 1 unit after witch the other player deploys 1 unit and so on till all units are deployed. No units are left in reserve. No unit may deploy within 18 inches of an enemy unit. The players must deploy there units in the following order Heavy support, followed by troops, elites, HQ and finally fast attack. Transport vehicles are deployed as the choice of unit inside. Role off again the highest score can choose to go first or second. Infiltrators may make a 6inch move before the game starts the player taking the first turn moves his infiltrators first.

Objectives: The army that controls the most table quarters. To clam a table quarter you must control the most buildings within your quarter. You control a building by entering a building the only way you lose it is if an enemy unit enters the building. You may leave the building empty and you still control it.

Game length: 6 turns.