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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Finally some pictures.

Hay guys i no its been a wile since iv posted pictures so I thought id treat you. I was fortunate to get my hands on a new army over Christmas. I got a Dark Eldar Mega force from the mother in law. But I wanted to try making my own custom bases to make the army stand out a little .

I am very pleased with the results. So bases ready I started on the kabalite warriors. I also wanted to try my hand at magnetising some of the models in the squad witch mean I could field any combination I wanted. And surprisingly was not as difficult as I first thought. 

My Sybarite

I have gone with Hawk Turquoise for the main colour of this army really think it suits them. I must say the new Dark Eldar kits are some of the nicest games workshop produce.

My Venom

I am not sure the picture does it justice this was just a WIP picture, it is now finished. I have heard alot of people online saying the airbrush is cheating but I disagree. it just helps people who would not reach this level with a brush be happy with the minis we paint and for me its put alot of the fun back into painting. I will try to get some better pictures tomorrow

A WIP of the squad

 The whole squad id like to say are ferther along but im afraid i got distracted (by my stormraven witch i had for mounts and suddenly decided I want to paint)

 And here are some WIP pictures of the stormraven gunship. The lighting again I do not think is giving the full effect of the pre shade method I used.


If any body could help with the way I take pictures to improve the detail please let me know, it would be greatly appreciated.
thanks guys, see you in the next one

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