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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Some Plasma OSL

Got 99% of this done yesterday and am very happy with the results.

Might be a little to much but I like to think it would be a very bright glow just got a few touch ups to do and it another under the complete pile
See you in the next one.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

2 tactical marines finished

Hello all finally got my 2 tactical marines finished and im very pleased, the only thing im not sure about is my freehand on the banner. As my first free hand it not to bad but could be alot better.

 On second thoughts im not happy with the free hand at all, going to have to redo it i think, but over all im happy with the rest of it.

Starting on the plasma cannon marine next, may try to do a plasma glow OSL with the airbrush, we will see.
Hope you like, any feed back on the banner good or bad much welcome, thanks guys, see you in the next one.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Some progress (but not much)

Some progress,
Finished the base on this one and touched in some details.

Not sure my camera picks up the blends on the red armour as much as i would like. might have to drop a few hints for a HD one for christmas:)

My Sargent witch is nealy there, not sure what to do for the banner as yet. any ideas let me know guys.   

My first attempt a jems as well, im very happy with how they have come out

will get him finished in the week. 59 more to go :(

Been a while.

Hay guys been a long time since any posting as been very busy with real world stuff, and also my little brothers birthday present witch he loved. Some pic of it compleated:

Ok so it wasnt 100% compleat but i got as much done as i could, and a big thankyou has to go to my friend Dave as with out his help would not have got this much done.
My brother was over the moon with tis army and he had a intro into the game today, i think hes hooked didnt help he won( i went easy on hem lol).

Now i can get back to my own army, more very soon.