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Monday, 12 September 2011


My first terminator finished, and I am very happy.

Going to get started on the rest of the squad this week hopefully.
More to come.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Removed some posts

I have had to remove some posts about a certain persons birthday present as he found out about this blog and I didn't want to spoil the surprise for him sorry will repost the picks after his birthday. It my fault I didn't think about it wile I was telling him the address.

Terminator captain

Got some more done today (finally) tryed my hand at some object source lighting, let me no what you think.
Just a few more bits like purity seals and some hilights on the gold and them ready for basing.

 Comments welcome I am always trying to improve.
Now I can get started on the rest of the squad, but going to give myself a two week time frame doing a little each night of the week to get them done.

Age of Emperor expansion

Found this online a wile ago and is something I would be up for. I love the pre heresy fluff it add a new level to games. Thought I would share it with you.
Hope you find this intresting.

The task ahead is long.

Haven't had much time to get any painting done, just a little on my terminator captain.. Thought I would show you some pictures of what I have. Its a big task so here we go:

    The count so far is 6 tactical squads
6x 5 man assault squads
2 sanquinary guard squads
4 terminator squads
1 vanguard veteran squad
2 dreadnaughts
4 bikes
3 baal preds
1 pred with lazcannons
2 rhinos
1 vindecator
1 landraider
1 shadow sword
1 baneblade
2 razerbacks
and a stormraven
and breath.......

thought id give you a close up of my bikes, as I am not a fan of these I am converting them into Templarscrusade01 pattern jet bikes. heres his you tube channel:
I saw the ones he was doing and had to give them a go iv changed a few bit to what I wanted heres my attempt

Got 4 to do, this one just needs a little green stuff and on of the others is half built, I am happy with these overall its my first attempt at converting so its not to bad.

Hopefully going to get some painting done today on my terminator captain and my Sargent. I blame the xbox for my lack of painting. Iv been playing Deus Ex human revolution and its very addictive.

Thats all for now
Take care

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

quick post.

   And this beauty is from it is the Archangel model and I have to say the detail is impressive. All the models from this site are fantastic, they have quite a large selection on syfy stuff but most of the products a fantasy based. Its resign witch apparently helps keep the detail in the miniatures and the proofs in the pudding. Hopefully going to start on this at the weekend. As you can probably tell its going to be my Primarch Sanguinius, but for normal games I use it as Dante as I am not not keen on the Games Workshop model.

Incoming battle report
Yes Im going to post up a battle report witch is taking place on wednesday. I will try to write it up as best I can but it is the first time for righting up a battle report so please bear with me. The battle is with a couple of nice chaps from my local club(Chelmsford battle bunker). Its a three way game with my Blood Angels, Tau and Imperial Guard all fighting for a central objective. Will let you know how it goes later in the week.

Thats it for now, take care

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Coming soon

And to come

WIP projects Angels Sanguine terminators

My Terminator Sargent in my new airbrushed scheme using pre shading hoping to get rid of the need to high light them.

    I am happy with it at the moment (until I change my mind lol)

And tactical squad 2's Sargent

 Don't think the camera is picking the transition well enough. Would like to here what you guys think comments and constructive criticism welcome. hope to pick up the details on these to in the week and then finish the rest of the terminator squad in one go. Slowly getting the hang of the airbrush.

hope you enjoyed 
see you soon 

Saturday, 3 September 2011

A little more for you

The first half of tactial squad 1(55 to go)
these were painted a wile ago before I got my air brush so iv been experimenting with that I think iv got it how I want them to look will post some wip pictures to show you how the armour looks tomorrow. I not a fan of the really in your face hi lights.   

that's all for today folks
hello all some pictures for your good selves
my first rhino not completely finished but not far off
my camera is not the best im afraid
more to come soon

My first blog

   Hello there my names Steve am starting my first blog to share my modelling experiences and am hoping it will spur me to complete my Angels Sanquine project as well as other side projects along the way.
But first a little about my self, I am 25 living in the UK with my girl friend, been modelling for about 3 years now, well done the usual when in school but didn't stick to it until now and I am hoping this blog will help me push through the painters block iv been suffering from recently. My local club is the Chelmsford battle bunker witch is on every wednesday
   Other than wargaming I also enjoy xbox, films, music and spending time with good company. I am very lucky to have a good group of close friends.
   At the moment I have what seems like a mounting of miniatures to paint ,a small list for you
6 Tactical squads
2 dreadnaughts
4 assault squads
3 baal preds
2 superheavies

  The list goes on I will fill you in as we go on and may include a few pictures of the task a head its about 6000pts total at the moment and growing.
  As we go on I will go through other projects such as my Grey Knights and my brothers birthday present,

  please bare with me though as I am not the best with computers. I will try to update as regularly as possible but this is between organising my wedding.
  please feel free to leave comments and constructive criticism its always welcome. That's it for now             
much more to come soon hopefully ;)