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Sunday, 11 September 2011

The task ahead is long.

Haven't had much time to get any painting done, just a little on my terminator captain.. Thought I would show you some pictures of what I have. Its a big task so here we go:

    The count so far is 6 tactical squads
6x 5 man assault squads
2 sanquinary guard squads
4 terminator squads
1 vanguard veteran squad
2 dreadnaughts
4 bikes
3 baal preds
1 pred with lazcannons
2 rhinos
1 vindecator
1 landraider
1 shadow sword
1 baneblade
2 razerbacks
and a stormraven
and breath.......

thought id give you a close up of my bikes, as I am not a fan of these I am converting them into Templarscrusade01 pattern jet bikes. heres his you tube channel:
I saw the ones he was doing and had to give them a go iv changed a few bit to what I wanted heres my attempt

Got 4 to do, this one just needs a little green stuff and on of the others is half built, I am happy with these overall its my first attempt at converting so its not to bad.

Hopefully going to get some painting done today on my terminator captain and my Sargent. I blame the xbox for my lack of painting. Iv been playing Deus Ex human revolution and its very addictive.

Thats all for now
Take care

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