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Sunday, 18 December 2011

My first campaign

Hay all I know its been a wile and wile I have been painting iv also been very busy on the run up to Christmas with work and all sorts. hopefully over Christmas I will have time to update you with all of my recently painted stuff as well as my new army witch I have no idea I am getting for Christmas ;). In the mean time I thought share with you a campaign I will be running in January at my local club. I am not personally taking part but am coming up with story and battle missions witch will hopefully make the games more enjoyable. Please feel free to use this in you own games or just sper you to come up with you own campaigns hope you like and any help on how i could improve would be greatly appreciated

 Club Campaign

Campaign location: Easton Fringe
Planets in solar system: 7, 2 of witch uninhabitable.

            When the Emperor set out on the great crusade to illuminate the galaxy this system was at first very reluctant to except imperial rule and the Xenos local to the central planet in the system put up the biggest resistance. Though the Space Marines with help from the imperial guard brought this planet into compliance there were huge losses. Eventually Xenos were finally eradicated, at the time no one knew why they were so resilient. These native Xenos were an early Eldar Exodite colony. During the heresy this system was thrown into severe chaos as civil war broke out across the planet with insurgents striking against the imperial governor and infrastructure. After the heresy during the scouring, its relative obscurity meant that the loyalist imperials were unable to bring the planet back into compliance at first, with other systems more strategically important and vital being secured first. Although this was eventually resolved by the imperial forces on the planet (no aid ever arrived), this weekend the faith of the people on the planet to the sanctity of the imperium. Over time the native question of the Xenos originally present on the planet never did emerge – forgotten through the ages.
            If only the imperials new what the elder were guarding, still slumbering beneath the surface.
            Several years on, the planet is left to its own and the imperium having no interest in its fate(this will soon change). The Tau venturing into the system have established a small colony away from the imperial cities. And due to all ties from Holy Terra being severed the Eldar have returned to try to prevent what they feel is a very immanent threat. What they were hiding will affect everyone in the galaxy. When the Eldar first inhabited the planet they found a huge infrastructure under the surface built thousands of years before, and it was far from abandoned. They found an ancient race slumbering there. And from what they discovered it was a very violent race that did not except co inhabiting with any other race. They discovered the name of this ancient race to be the Necrons.
Unfortunately they were to late and initial sensor dater shows a large amount of activity underneath the surface.
            THEY HAVE AWAKEND.

Imperial Guard-Rich
Necrons-Mr Clarke
Jack-Sisters of Battle

Boyd and Dennis
Dave and Chris
Niall and Mr Clarke
Rich and Jack

The Eldar forces feel that the immanent threat from the Necrons is far to much to ignore and decide a pre emptive strike is necessary and begin plans for there assault in an attempt to seal the ancient foe inside there tomb. They have also discovered that the Tau have allied themselves with the Necrons and are trying there best to mask there inevitable attack on the Imperial city.

First games for Eldar and Necrons and Tau

Dave vs Mr Clarke
Chris_G vs Niall

Both games will be played using the pre-emptive strike battle mission in the battle missions book from games workshop with Eldar as the attacking force. Each side will have 1250pts using normal force organisation. Victory points will decide the winner.

            The Imperial Guard receive information that an fleet has been spotted but by the time this information reaches them the orks had already planned and assault on the out post the south of the city.

Orks vs Imperial guard

This battle will be played using Blitzkrieg in the battle missions book with orks as the attacking force. Each side will have 1250 points using normal force organisation, 3 objectives winner controls the most objectives.

            Wile this events are taking place on the far side of the planet the sisters of battle have tracked a chaos force into and area no one else on the planet will venture the Dark Wastes. Though the sisters have no idea what they have come to the planet for it will soon become clear that the god of chaos only favour only one out come on the from the war that’s about to erupt on this planet. The sisters also don’t realise the being led into a trap.

Chaos vs sisters of battle

The battle will be played using the scorched earth mission from the battle missions book. Each side will have 1250pts using normal force organisation. D3+2 objectives winner controls most objectives.  

This is obviously the first games in the campaign being played in early January and the missions will be adapted to suit the outcome of these games witch I will up date once the results are in.

Thanks for checking in, hope this helps you guys get more out in your own games

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Some Plasma OSL

Got 99% of this done yesterday and am very happy with the results.

Might be a little to much but I like to think it would be a very bright glow just got a few touch ups to do and it another under the complete pile
See you in the next one.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

2 tactical marines finished

Hello all finally got my 2 tactical marines finished and im very pleased, the only thing im not sure about is my freehand on the banner. As my first free hand it not to bad but could be alot better.

 On second thoughts im not happy with the free hand at all, going to have to redo it i think, but over all im happy with the rest of it.

Starting on the plasma cannon marine next, may try to do a plasma glow OSL with the airbrush, we will see.
Hope you like, any feed back on the banner good or bad much welcome, thanks guys, see you in the next one.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Some progress (but not much)

Some progress,
Finished the base on this one and touched in some details.

Not sure my camera picks up the blends on the red armour as much as i would like. might have to drop a few hints for a HD one for christmas:)

My Sargent witch is nealy there, not sure what to do for the banner as yet. any ideas let me know guys.   

My first attempt a jems as well, im very happy with how they have come out

will get him finished in the week. 59 more to go :(

Been a while.

Hay guys been a long time since any posting as been very busy with real world stuff, and also my little brothers birthday present witch he loved. Some pic of it compleated:

Ok so it wasnt 100% compleat but i got as much done as i could, and a big thankyou has to go to my friend Dave as with out his help would not have got this much done.
My brother was over the moon with tis army and he had a intro into the game today, i think hes hooked didnt help he won( i went easy on hem lol).

Now i can get back to my own army, more very soon.  

Monday, 12 September 2011


My first terminator finished, and I am very happy.

Going to get started on the rest of the squad this week hopefully.
More to come.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Removed some posts

I have had to remove some posts about a certain persons birthday present as he found out about this blog and I didn't want to spoil the surprise for him sorry will repost the picks after his birthday. It my fault I didn't think about it wile I was telling him the address.

Terminator captain

Got some more done today (finally) tryed my hand at some object source lighting, let me no what you think.
Just a few more bits like purity seals and some hilights on the gold and them ready for basing.

 Comments welcome I am always trying to improve.
Now I can get started on the rest of the squad, but going to give myself a two week time frame doing a little each night of the week to get them done.

Age of Emperor expansion

Found this online a wile ago and is something I would be up for. I love the pre heresy fluff it add a new level to games. Thought I would share it with you.
Hope you find this intresting.

The task ahead is long.

Haven't had much time to get any painting done, just a little on my terminator captain.. Thought I would show you some pictures of what I have. Its a big task so here we go:

    The count so far is 6 tactical squads
6x 5 man assault squads
2 sanquinary guard squads
4 terminator squads
1 vanguard veteran squad
2 dreadnaughts
4 bikes
3 baal preds
1 pred with lazcannons
2 rhinos
1 vindecator
1 landraider
1 shadow sword
1 baneblade
2 razerbacks
and a stormraven
and breath.......

thought id give you a close up of my bikes, as I am not a fan of these I am converting them into Templarscrusade01 pattern jet bikes. heres his you tube channel:
I saw the ones he was doing and had to give them a go iv changed a few bit to what I wanted heres my attempt

Got 4 to do, this one just needs a little green stuff and on of the others is half built, I am happy with these overall its my first attempt at converting so its not to bad.

Hopefully going to get some painting done today on my terminator captain and my Sargent. I blame the xbox for my lack of painting. Iv been playing Deus Ex human revolution and its very addictive.

Thats all for now
Take care

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

quick post.

   And this beauty is from it is the Archangel model and I have to say the detail is impressive. All the models from this site are fantastic, they have quite a large selection on syfy stuff but most of the products a fantasy based. Its resign witch apparently helps keep the detail in the miniatures and the proofs in the pudding. Hopefully going to start on this at the weekend. As you can probably tell its going to be my Primarch Sanguinius, but for normal games I use it as Dante as I am not not keen on the Games Workshop model.

Incoming battle report
Yes Im going to post up a battle report witch is taking place on wednesday. I will try to write it up as best I can but it is the first time for righting up a battle report so please bear with me. The battle is with a couple of nice chaps from my local club(Chelmsford battle bunker). Its a three way game with my Blood Angels, Tau and Imperial Guard all fighting for a central objective. Will let you know how it goes later in the week.

Thats it for now, take care