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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

quick post.

   And this beauty is from it is the Archangel model and I have to say the detail is impressive. All the models from this site are fantastic, they have quite a large selection on syfy stuff but most of the products a fantasy based. Its resign witch apparently helps keep the detail in the miniatures and the proofs in the pudding. Hopefully going to start on this at the weekend. As you can probably tell its going to be my Primarch Sanguinius, but for normal games I use it as Dante as I am not not keen on the Games Workshop model.

Incoming battle report
Yes Im going to post up a battle report witch is taking place on wednesday. I will try to write it up as best I can but it is the first time for righting up a battle report so please bear with me. The battle is with a couple of nice chaps from my local club(Chelmsford battle bunker). Its a three way game with my Blood Angels, Tau and Imperial Guard all fighting for a central objective. Will let you know how it goes later in the week.

Thats it for now, take care

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