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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Hay guys its been a wile, I have been very busy recently but im back and have been busy painting :)

First off iv repainted my army just to blood angels as I was never 100% happy with how the black turned out.

Rhino for my first tactical squad  

A WIP picture of my stormraven so far not much more to do, im debating some battle damage and some scorch marks from re-entry but not sure at the moment.


               My first attempt at a power sword with the airbrush. I am very happy with the results :)

     Also calmed down abit on my plasma glow and think it is alot more realistic than on my last attempt

                                                 Some picks of the completed squad.

             A WIP shot of my assault squad. this squad is now finished and pics will be up shortly

Thank you for taking the time to look and I will see you in the next one.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Apocalypse 40k

The end of my campaign was a big one. We decided the best course of action was all out war. There was 4 teams of 2 and a total of 12000pts on the table

 It was a fantastic day and lots of fun hopefully next time I ill remember to right down what happened. Eldar team won and imperial guard got decimated in turn 1 lots of objectives each building was an objective and each team also had a hidden objective witch gave a massive boost to there final score.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Same pics different background

Thought id try the blue background to see if the shading showed up a little better.

A slight alteration.

I now when you get a colour scheme your supposed to stick to it. But as my painting time is very short iv decided to change from half black half red to full red. real blood angels. Although I love the angles sanguine colour scheme its very time consuming and I have never been 100% happy with the black half. I'm not going to repaint the finished tactical squads and rhino and will still use them in games but from now on it will be pure red I'm afraid :(.

So here's the tactical squad I'm working on at the moment its about 90% complete just got to paint the bolters, the power sword on the Sargent and the eyes on five of the marines. And obviously give the plazma gun some glow.

Unsure what colour to do the power weapon at the moment.

Hope you like, see you in the next one :)


Saturday, 21 January 2012

Some picture tests with a make shift light box.

Spent some time making a light box to see if it would improve the quality of my pictures. taken some photos of stuff you have already seen for comparison.

the Venom this is nearly finished i have to paint the weapons witch is still at base coat stage. Luckily they are magnetised so I can paint them off the model

I found it hilights a few defects in my painting witch will help me improve, although Im not at the level of painting that I first thought. But this is how we learn.

A WIP of one of my vanguard veterans

And a tank that I intend to add battle damage and weathering. As much as im happy with how the armour turned out iv always thought it needed a little more detail.

My first attempt at OSL im still very happy with this model but he might also get some battle damage treatment just got to fine a way to do it that im happy with.

Sorry that its the same old stuff guys more is on the way I just wanted to test my light box out. Let me know what you think.

See you in the next one

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Stormraven. More WIP photos

Hay guys masked up the stormraven and got the black half painted and I must say, im very happy with the results

hopefully you can make out the pre shade a little better. Im going to heavily battle damage this witch will be a first for me but I wanted to make it look like its come through the atmosphere dodging ani aircraft fire. Well that's the idea any way, we will see.

I done a very light hi light on the black, did not want to go to mad with it though, think it turned out ok.

The red on the wing may be could do with another coat just to blend the pre shade a little more but other wise its staying as it is. im not a fan of big hi lights on armour I like it to look smooth.

A close up. It shows how subtle the blend is if its to dark it does not look right.

My next one I am going to invest in the forgeworld doors as I think it really sets them off. I really like this model I find its Marmite you either love it or hate it. There's no middle ground

That's it for now guys, see you in the next one.