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Saturday, 3 September 2011

My first blog

   Hello there my names Steve am starting my first blog to share my modelling experiences and am hoping it will spur me to complete my Angels Sanquine project as well as other side projects along the way.
But first a little about my self, I am 25 living in the UK with my girl friend, been modelling for about 3 years now, well done the usual when in school but didn't stick to it until now and I am hoping this blog will help me push through the painters block iv been suffering from recently. My local club is the Chelmsford battle bunker witch is on every wednesday
   Other than wargaming I also enjoy xbox, films, music and spending time with good company. I am very lucky to have a good group of close friends.
   At the moment I have what seems like a mounting of miniatures to paint ,a small list for you
6 Tactical squads
2 dreadnaughts
4 assault squads
3 baal preds
2 superheavies

  The list goes on I will fill you in as we go on and may include a few pictures of the task a head its about 6000pts total at the moment and growing.
  As we go on I will go through other projects such as my Grey Knights and my brothers birthday present,

  please bare with me though as I am not the best with computers. I will try to update as regularly as possible but this is between organising my wedding.
  please feel free to leave comments and constructive criticism its always welcome. That's it for now             
much more to come soon hopefully ;)

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